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What People Say

J. D., Grass Valley CA
“I have known Ondre for nearly a decade. In that time he has been a friend, fellow healer, a mentor and a teacher. I hold Ondre with the highest regards as a healer; the most profound intuitive healer I’ve known or met. He amazes me every time we meet with his capacities as, healer, the breadth of his abilities and the areas covered with his psychic knowledge.”

J. H., Carmel, CA
“After a two week ordeal in which my entire body broke out in hives and multiple visits to doctors, a friend recommended I consult with Ondre. In one session he evaluated all foods, supplements and body care products and identified 15 to eliminate. Within 2 days the hives were gone and I felt better than I could ever remember feeling.”

L.T., San Francisco, CA
“I have only been working with Ondre for a short while, but have already experienced improvements to chronic and disabling health problems that I never imagined were possible. His work not only affords extraordinary results on its own, but I have found it to be an important catalyst, which allows other treatments to work much more effectively.”

J. B, Minneapolis, MN
“Thank you for coming to talk to our freshman class. You helped people learn stuff about themselves they did not even know. I now know I am not a looser. You have a great gift.”

L. R., Nevada City, CA
“My first session with Ondre I thought was going to be the usual psychic reading, so I was not overly excited, but I desperately needed some direction and support. I was now a veteran of trying new spiritual grooves, so I was a bit confused as to why I felt so nervous. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a journey that would challenge my perception of life, lead me to clearing blocks and enable me to make life changing choices.”

S.B., Davis, CA
“Thank you for your help and care. I am so grateful to have your guidance as well as have you help my family.”

M. W. , Marysville, CA
“Ondre – do not quit. You are the only one who has ever gotten me to take a whole month off in Kona. Love your work and you”.

K.M., Sacramento CA
Your energy comes from such a clear place that it lifts everyone in the room. I learned a great deal from the experience and my gift from it was deepened. Can’t put a price on that. You work from the heart and that is so rare these days.”

R. D., Los Angeles, CA
“Your insight has literally saved my life. My doctors are still scratching their heads wondering how you were able to do it.”

R.P., Scottsdale, AZ
“You are such a powerful person. Do you realize what a positive impact you have on
people? It seems like you woke me up and I am ready to go for it.”



Ondre LLC was founded by Ondre Seltzer, a Medical Intuitive who specializes in Energy Medicine and Natural Pain Management.  The organization assists him in exploring the art of intuition and healing and advances the cause of nature based medicine in all its forms.

Since our beginning we have been strong advocates for the integration of complementary therapies and allopathic medicine.  No single discipline has all the answers, but together we can achieve a greater understanding of the nature of illness. We advocate the practice of preventative medicine and through education, understanding and empowerment seek to demonstrate the powerful role intuition and energy play in emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

We are  proud to be a part of a long tradition of Natural Medicine and hopes to draw attention to the sometimes forgotten healing modalities of our forefathers.

There is a remedy for every illness to be found in nature.  Hippocrates, 460 BC – 370 BC

 Who is Ondre?




Dr. Ondre Seltzer is an international recognized practitioner of energy medicine (EMP).  He was born in the United Kingdom in the industrial North of England.  One of three children, it was noticed at an early age that he possessed some unusual abilities and by seven years old, it was discovered that he could see energy around most living things, and that he could also see the fluctuations in these energetic fields.

Throughout his early life Ondre struggled at school and had difficulties reading and socializing with other children. It was not until he was a young adult that he was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and  Asperger's Syndrome.  He was fortunate enough to be introduced to someone who was able to help him with both.  This is when the miracle truly began.  Within a very short time and with a tremendous amount of work, Ondre began to learn to read and write and more importantly, from the use of homeopathic and natural remedies, his autism was brought under control.  His life changed dramatically and a new world of books and reading was discovered.  In books Ondre discovered new ways of applying his abilities and began his life-long research into Energy Medicine.

 Through demonstrations, workshops and lectures, Ondre illustrates how energy medicine can be applied in everyday life.  The ultimate aim is to show that practicing preventative medicine is not just healthier, but also cost effective.  In 2006, Ondre founded The Open Mind Entertainment Network, a multimedia company specializing in the promotion of natural preventative medicine, education, and dialogue.  This free service is offered worldwide and allows practitioners to communicate their ideas, thoughts and experience with one another, as well as answer questions from the general public.

Ondre has also developed the ASIST™ Method.  This Method is a process of enhancing and balancing energetic frequencies.   Through ASIST™ Ondre hopes to bring a better understanding of these energy fields, especially as we delve deeper into the nature of illness. Being able to understand and measure these fields may offer us new insight into both the source of illness and how to better develop natural treatments for them.

With the help of other practitioners and the resources available to him, Ondre continues to developed educational programs for both practitioners and the general public. He also works in conjunction with several industry leading nutraceutical and biobotanical companies who wish to promote energy based medicine and preventative care.  With an emphasis on improved quality, viability and effectiveness, the ultimate goal is to show that no two products are the same and what goes into an effective nutraceutical or natural formulation is not just simply the ingredients, but also the company philosophy and the people who stand behind it.

Ondre has become internationally recognized for his work in the field of energy medicine. He is an active member of the Global Partner Alliance,  a global alliance of organizations who seek to promote longevity and wellness through diet, lifestyle and natural products.   He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Natural Medicine in 2012 for his work in Frequency Energy Medicine™ and energy based product formulations, one of which was the first of its kind for treating biofilms and stealth viruses.  He is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and has developed several techniques, including the ASIST™ Method, an advanced form of non-invasive energetic pain management, which gives him the ability to integrate with most forms of allopathic and natural methods.   Ondre presented his theories and ideas at a poster session at the 2012 Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson AZ. Ondre is also involved in developing better natural health care systems in third world countries. 

Ondre works with a range of conditions including chronic pain, nerve and spinal injuries, and rare or unusual conditions.  He also works with balancing the biofield when it has been disturbed or damaged due to an internal or external source.  More recently he has become involved in sports injuries and personal empowerment.   Ondre also commonly consults with other practitioners on complex or unusual cases that require additional insight or specialized energy based care. 

A Native of England, Ondre’s practice is based in Scottsdale AZ and Los Angeles CA and Manhattan NY.    He travels extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Moscow Russia, dividing his time between workshops, lectures, research and his private practice.  Through his work, Ondre demonstrates how energy medicine can be applied in every day life, showing that practicing prevention is not just healthier, but more cost effective in the long term.  In the United States he has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX & UPN.  He is also the host of the popular radio show “Talk with Ondre” (KWSS 93.9FM) streaming at www.openmindradio.com.



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